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Address:Address: 19 Changxin Street, Economic & Technological Development Zone, Ranghulu District, Daqing, H


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    Daqing Dannuo Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located inDaqing City,HeilongjiangProvince,China. Boasting an investment of RMB 300 million and covering an area of 33,230 square meters, the company is engaged in R&D and production of non-beam pumping unit, permanent magnet direct drive screw pump, linear motor oil pump, other mechanical equipment as well as permanent magnet motor energy saving transformation. It is also responsible for oil drilling technology development service .

    The electronically-controlled directional non-beam pumping unit independently developed by Daqing Dannuo Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd. features such mechanical properties as simple structure, basically maintenance-free, easy operation, long stroke, low frequency of stroke and large load; by the use of efficient direct-drive permanent magnet motor, it is able to conduct intelligent intermittent pumping in accordance with different underground working conditions, thus saving energy by 30% -50%; also with remote control and remote alarm functions, it is the most ideal and most applicable machine for oilfield digitalization, mining automation and intensive management.

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